Components of Attitudes Toward Homosexuality

Source: LaMar, L. A., & Kite, M.E. (1998). Sex differences in attitudes toward gay men and lesbians: A multi-dimensional perspective. The Journal of Sex Research, 35, 189-196

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This scale assesses four components of attitudes toward gay men and lesbians: Condemnation/Tolerance, Morality, Contact, and Stereotypes. Two of the components, Morality and Contact, have neutral items -- that is, they are not specific to gay men or lesbians.

Participants answer using a 5 point Likert scale ranging from 1 Strongly Disagree to 5 Strongly Agree

Items marked with a * are reverse scored


Alpha = .92 for gay male target and .89 for lesbian target

1. Apartment complexes should not accept lesbians (gay men) as renters.

2. Lesbians (gay men) should be required to register with the police department where they live.

3. Lesbians (gay men) should not be allowed to hold responsible positions.

*4. Job discrimination against lesbians (gay men) is wrong.

5. Lesbians (gay men) are a danger to young people.

6. Lesbians (gay men) are more likely to commit deviant acts such as child molestation, rape, voyeurism (peeping Toms) than are heterosexuals.

7. Lesbians (gay men) dislike members of the opposite sex.

*8. Finding out an artist was a gay man (lesbian) would have no effect on my appreciation of her (his) work.

*9. Lesbians (gay men) should be allowed to serve in the military.

*10. Lesbians (gay men) should not be discriminated against because of their sexual preference.

11. Lesbians (gay men) should not be allowed to work with children.

Gay Male/Lesbian Social Norms/Morality

Alpha = .92 for gay male target and .93 for lesbian target

1. The increasing acceptance of gay men (lesbians) in our society is aiding in the deterioration of morals.

2. Gay men (lesbians) endanger the institution of the family.

*3. Many gay men (lesbians) are very moral and ethical people.

*4. Gay male (lesbian) couples should be able to adopt children the same as heterosexual couples.

5. The idea of marriages between gay men (lesbians) seems ridiculous to me.

*6. State laws regulating private, consenting behavior between gay men (lesbians) should be loosened.

7. Gay men (lesbians) just can't fit into our society.

8. Gay men (lesbians) do need psychological treatment.

*9. Gay men (lesbians) are a viable part of our society.

10. Homosexual behavior between two men (women) is just plain wrong.

Neutral Morality

Alpha = .80

*1. Homosexuality, as far as I am concerned, is not sinful.

2. Homosexuality is a perversion.

3. I find the thought of homosexual acts disgusting.

Gay Male/Lesbian Contact

Alpha = .96 for gay male target and .95 for lesbian target

*1. I enjoy the company of gay men (lesbians).

2. It would be upsetting to me to find out I was alone with a gay man (lesbian).

3. I avoid gay men (lesbians) whenever possible.

4. I would feel nervous being in a group of gay men (lesbians).

5. I think gay men (lesbians) are disgusting.

*6. I would enjoy attending social functions at which gay men (lesbians) were present.

7. Bars that cater solely to gay men (lesbians) should be placed in a specific and known part of town.

*8. I would feel comfortable working closely with a gay man (lesbian).

9. If a gay man (lesbian) approached me in a public restroom, I would be disgusted.

10. I would not want a gay man (lesbian) to live in the house next to mine.

11. Two gay men (lesbians) holding hands or displaying affection in public is revolting.

12. I would be nervous if a gay man (lesbian) sat next to me on a bus.

13. I would decline membership in an organization if I found out it had gay male (lesbian) members.

*14. If I knew someone was a gay male (lesbian), I would go ahead and form a friendship with that individual.

Neutral Contact

Alpha = .75

1. If a member of my sex made advances toward me, I would feel angry.

*2. I would feel comfortable knowing I was attractive to members of my sex.

*3. I would be comfortable if I found myself attracted to a member of my sex.

4. I would feel uncomfortable if a member of my sex made an advance toward me.

Gay Male/Lesbian Stereotypes

Alpha = .78 for gay male target and .75 for lesbian target

1. Lesbians (gay men) prefer to take roles (passive or aggressive) in their sexual behavior.

2. The love between two lesbians (gay men) is quite different from the love between two persons of the opposite sex.

3. Lesbians (gay men) have weaker sex drives than heterosexuals.

4. A lesbian's (gay man's) mother is probably very domineering.

5. Most lesbians (gay men) have a life of one night stands.

6. Most lesbians (gay men) like to dress in opposite-sex clothing.

7. Most lesbians (gay men) have identifiable masculine (feminine) characteristics.